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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

steamboat springs stage race 2009 - video preview

here's a link to the official race website where Corey has posted a video from the S.S. Winter Sports Club circuit race held earlier this year.
the video appears to be from one of the warm-up sessions before the actual racing started, showing riders desending* from near the top of the climb. during this weekend's circuit race on the same parcours, i predict that the faster categories will be winding out at better than 75 kilometers/hour on this same section.
for those of you who haven't seen top level road racing before, this 4-day stage race will present many great opportunities to do so.

the chicane through the gate looks kind of sketchy to me, hopefully the promoters put up a few strategically placed hay bales for safety's sake.

*note to aspiring young or novice riders: observe the rider in the blue kit in front of the camera... not holding a steady line on the wheel of the rider in front of her, is she? several unpredictable, side-to-side movements going on there.

the rider in front of her is ready for Moto GP with his knees hanging out in the wind like that, exaggerating just a little too much for the corners being negotiated and how fast (or slow, rather) they are actually going.

photo of Sete Gibernau from Superbyke Magazine UK

the moral of this story is: either trust the rider in front of you to be solid and predictable (so that you may ride in a similar manner) or be the rider in front.

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