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Friday, September 11, 2009

bike master's most improved rider award - 2009

(drumroll, please...) and the award goes to:

she has never participated in a bike race until this year, but she came out winning right from the start. it could be argued that her new, 650b wheeled Eriksen had a lot to do with her success (it did). but in all honesty, natural talent and determination conspiring with a high strenth-to-weight ratio and some good old-fashioned aggression mixed in as well are what really did it.

truth be told, she'd still be winning races on a wal-mart bike

just a few months ago, this technical section of Mack Ridge would likely have caused a frustrating get-off-and-walk situation followed immediately by a couple of miles worth of bitter complaints about going back to flat pedals.

now she just stays clipped in and punches it.

honorable mention goes to: Danny Rietz, AKA "the young apprentice".
he's going to have to work really hard to steal the title from his aunt, though. hopefully, he rides some this winter before coming back to Colorado for his second year at Bike Master's Death March Training Camp.

mu-huhuhu bwaaa ha ha hahaha ha


  1. I'm unsure if I can live up to that. How often does the student beat the teacher?

    Great to see about your race, Dave. Awesome work.

    Aunt Jen, that's super awesome. Is this ride up on the flat-tops?

  2. these photos of Jen are from our ride in Fruita on wednesday.
    all students beat their teacher eventually, grasshopper. they just have to study real hard to make it happen.