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Sunday, July 26, 2009

this one goes to 11

a lot of satisfaction comes from the riding and enjoyment of road bikes, especially those equipped with Campagnolo components. all the better if it's Super Record 11 speed with all of the giblets on a handcrafted Eriksen.
today, OC local guy Allen rode along with the Velosport team for the sunday group ride. he has recently taken delivery of a new Eriksen road bike, resplendent in crabon fibre and it's an 11 speed, too.

Allen savors the pastoral scenery and a happier moment on the ride this morning, northbound on C.R. 27.

just a few miles later, disaster strikes. not many things send a rider home in the broom wagon faster than losing a pulley wheel into the weeds along the roadside. sometimes having a cell phone isn't so bad after all. fortunately, there was no real damage inflicted upon the componentry or frame.

after ditching Allen, i met up with Danny in middle Routt for a roadbike skills camp. all of the usual basics covered- hold your line, steady as she goes, high cadence without bouncing, stay on the wheel in front of you, stay off the brakes, riding on the drops (needs to do that a lot more), riding in the gutter with a crosswind and rain, and, most importantly, stay out of traffic and don't get squished. Danny seems to like the road bike better than the VTT and i can't blame him a bit. this Campagnolo-equipped Orbea rides circles around his 15 kilo VTT tanker. our friend Angelo, north American distributor of Willier bicycles, dug deep into the vault and found an old Briko helmet that he donated to the cause. Danny looks a lot like Cipo back in the day, save that he is resplendent in more casual attire... sneakers, cotton t-shirt and cat. 5 chainring marks.
one thing at a time, though. it's about having fun before getting too serious and all of the suffering really starts in earnest.

some woman was chasing us and taking photos from her car. here, everyone is all smiles with a wicked tailwind blasting us on down the road.

a bit soggy on the run-in to the finish, no harm done.

time to get in the big ring and sit on a wheel. without a doubt, the damp cotton potato sack hampered Danny's top end a bit in the sprint.

the old guy takes it on the line. the kid is still smiling. we don't need no stinkin' mountain bikes.
images by Jen, except for the first two.

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  1. Bravo!! Looks like a great day. What's with the cotton t-shirt???