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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

introducing the young apprentice

here's some images of Jen's nephew Danny and a few of the activities he has been involved in since he arrived in the OC last wednesday.
the primary reason for importing the young feller all the way from California was, of course, to put him to hard labor of the most menial, mindless sort imaginable- helping with the restoration of a 100 year old building in rural Colorado... the painting in particular.

learning the fine art of stripping old paint from a seasoned veteran.

so, enough of the boring stuff, then...

when the work is done, it's time to ride. here Danny gets neck deep in some overgrown Oak Creek singletrack.

today we uploaded him on the gondola at the Steamboat ski area. the next Town Challenge race is on the mountain and Jen and i wanted to evaluate the parcours prior to race day. we rode up the hill and met Danny at the top of the gondola and then all rode together for a couple of miles on one of the non-technical, non-steep sections of the race course. we split up and i rode the remaining climb and uppermost singletrack section of the pro course by myself and caught up with them as they were about to descend the steepest sections of the trail just below the gondola.
Danny was more than a good sport about the whole thing, being as he hasn't spent a ton of hours riding a mountain bike, much less in an alpine environment.
what i am really trying to say here is that we pretty much tossed him off the deep end and he survived.

dave (in thick Belgian accent): "ride wiss me, lad. vee vill have you climbing zee high mountains in no time..."

taking a break from the action on the way down: Jen reminds Danny to relax once in a while and to take in the view... and that we all have taken our share of scuffers.

judging from the smile on his face (and the fact that he's still on his bike), you couldn't tell that this kid has hit the deck 2 or 3 times already today. my friend Andy Gregg tells me that the Finlanders would say that Danny has sisu

most of all, we were thankful that none of us had to download in this conveyance, and that our day was going a whole lot better than the person's inside.

then we went for some calamari, cheeseburgers and cold, refreshing beverages.


  1. Bravo! Love the scenery, love the thick Belgian accent, and love to see and know what the lad is up to! Cheers!! Love: Mom (Daniel's that is), Jean

  2. Sounds like a great time - thanks for the update!!