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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

another tough guy motorist

this article demonstrates just how crazy things can get out there on the roads. mix one part road rage and a grandiose sense of entitlement, one part a rolling, 2-ton murder weapon, and one part hand-held murder weapon (gun) and this is what you sometimes get:

(from the Boulder Daily Camera)

i just love how the assailant attempts to justify his felonious menacing by alleging that the cyclist "spit at him"... the default solution being to pull a gun and take it from there. never mind that the jackass motorist was passing with oncoming traffic and went so far as to turn around to further harass/intimidate/threaten a legitimate user of our public roads. this guy has no business owning a gun or driving a car. i hope he gets locked away in the slammer for a long, long time- but i'm going to predict that he will get off pretty easy because it was a cyclist that made him mad enough to do something so violent and stupid in the first place.
before i moved away from Boulder county about 10 years ago, i was nearly at the point of carrying a loaded gun myself... every time i rode my bike. there are way too many raging haters out there that take a perverse pleasure in threatening and assaulting cyclists from the relative "safety" of their steel and glass cages. fortunately, i realized that being part of a solution meant that i didn't take part in the problem.
but i still wonder, to this day, why the haters don't just pull over, turn off the car, put down the gun and step out for a round of the ol' fashioned dosey-do.
probably for the same reason that they wouldn't get out of the car at Yellowstone when they are baiting the bears, either, is my guess.


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